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Court grants interim injunction to block the ABLP from taking any action against MP Michael

The embattled Member of Parliament (MP) for the St Peter constituency – MP Asot Michael – has secured an interim injunction which temporarily stops the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) from preventing him from attending executive meetings.

The injunction also prevents the ABLP from taking any action with the aim of removing Michael from the party and any attempts to block him from functioning as the duly elected representative for St. Peter.

Any decision made on October 22, 2021 – the date when he was told not attend ABLP meetings – shall not take effect while the injunction is in place.

The ABLP executive is also restrained from recognising another Constituency Branch executive for St Peter without the knowledge or participation of Michael who is the sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The draft order dated, November 12, was filed against ABLP General Secretary Mary Clare Hurst, Party Chairman EP Chet Greene and Political Leader Gaston Browne.

Justice Jan Drysdale outlined that the interim injunction may be terminated after the hearing of the substantive case scheduled for December 8, unless it is extended by the court.

The relationship between the embattled MP and the party’s executive has been rocky for quite some time.

Things came to a head last month when the party’s General Secretary, Mary Clare Hurst wrote to Michael informing him that he was barred from attending future meetings.

The letter cited Michael’s hostile lawsuits which he filed in the High Court against the executive members and the party’s tribunal.

According to the letter, Michael would be escorted off the property of the ABLP’s headquarter by law enforcement, if he attempted to attend meetings.

The MP has however insisted that despite the widening rift with between himself and the party and the fact that the Political Leader Gaston Browne has already identified a potential replacement for the St Peter constituency, he has no intentions of leaving the ruling party.



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