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Couple receives perfect Father’s Day gift with birth of triplets

Parents of newborn triplets Ki’hari, Ki’zarie and Ki’anna were not expecting their babies to be born until June 21, but the trio had other plans when they came into the world on Sunday night, a perfect gift for Father’s Day.

Osworth Matthew and his girlfriend Kiera Isaac was still bursting with excitement when Observer spoke to them yesterday. They also said they were grateful for the blessings bestowed upon them.

Matthew said, “Me feel like me just win a million dollars. Me nuh even eat yet coz me full.”

He also said he did not believe his girlfriend was actually pregnant with triplets until she gave birth and he saw it for himself.

Isaac said, “I was frightened and a bit scared when the doctor told me I was expecting triplets but after a couple doctor visits, I was calm.”

The happy couple is currently enjoying the birth of their two sons and daughter and spending as much time with them as possible.



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