Couple charged with forging cheques granted bail

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By Latrishka Thomas

A young couple who is believed to have forged and cashed several cheques earlier this month has been granted bail in the amount of $4,000 each.

Auriae Aaron, 22, and Troy Davis, 21, have been charged with forgery, obtaining goods under false pretences, and uttering (passing false documents to another individual).

The two appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh last week and were given the option to be temporarily released while awaiting trial, on the condition that they pay $1,000 each in cash, surrender their travel documents, report to a police station three days a week and supply two sureties.

According to reports, the Bolans woman and the All Saints man were arrested just a few days ago at a gas station after a cashier became suspicious and called the police.

The cashier is said to have become sceptical because of the frequency and amount of cheques that they were cashing.

Aaron was reportedly an employee at a real estate company a few years ago and is believed to have recently returned to her former employer requesting a reference letter.

Some time that day, she reportedly wrote a letter granting her permission to collect cheque books on behalf of the company with the forged signature of the person who wrote the reference letter attached.

The bank gave her the cheque books which she reportedly used to write several cheques.

Aaron and her boyfriend were reportedly successful in cashing at least one cheque at the gas station before the cashier contacted the police.

The couple is expected to return to St John’s Magistrates Court on November 12.

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