Couple admits to forging and cashing cheques

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

A young couple admitted to forging and cashing several cheques when they appeared before the High Court yesterday.

Auriae Aaron and Troy Davis, both in their early 20s, were brought before the court in September 2020 to face several serious criminal charges.

The matter was called in the High Court yesterday before Justice Colin Williams, and there Aaron pleaded guilty to four counts of forgery, three counts of uttering and two counts of obtaining monies under false pretences, while her partner admitted to two counts of uttering.

According to the facts of the case, Aaron, who is from Bolans, requested a reference letter from a former employer who operated a real estate company.

After receiving the letter, she wrote another missive granting her permission to collect cheque books on behalf of the company, with the forged signature of the person who wrote the reference letter attached.

The bank gave her the cheque books which she reportedly used to write several cheques.

Aaron and her boyfriend, a resident of All Saints, later attempted to cash those cheques and were reportedly successful in cashing at least one at a gas station before the cashier contacted the police.

The cashier’s suspicion was said to have been aroused due to the frequency and number of the cheques they were cashing.

Yesterday, the young woman was ordered to repay the complainant by April 13 the entire $4,000 which she obtained. She was also fined $2,000 which she must pay to the court by October 31.

If she fails to pay the monies, she will spend a year in Her Majesty’s Prison.

Davis was reprimanded and discharged.

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