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Couple accused of abusing child warned not to interfere with witnesses

By Latrishka Thomas


“Not only will you be charged, but your bail will be revoked,” a married couple charged with child endangerment were told as Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh warned them against witness tampering yesterday.

The Potters husband and wife were charged with child endangerment on July 28 2020 after they allegedly severely beat their 15-year-old son.

The incident unfolded when a neighbour visited the home of a lady in Potters one night in July to assist her with setting up a DVD player for her television.

Within five minutes, he reportedly heard a child being beaten in the apartment next door where the couple lived with their three children.

And up to half an hour later, he claimed he could still hear the child receiving lashes.

The police were contacted, and officers responded to the call.

The couple were arrested but released pending further investigation.

It is alleged that the father administered 65 strokes to the minor’s hand, after his father and stepmother tallied the number of lashes they decided he needed for everything he had done wrong.

The couple appeared before the Chief Magistrate yesterday, but their trial was adjourned until August 10.

The matter had been adjourned several times prior, but this time their lawyer was not present for the hearing.

Chief Magistrate Walsh stated that a witness complained that the female defendant had been interfering with her.

She therefore added a condition to their bail, which was granted at the police station. They were told that if they even “cut eye” at any witness they will be penalised.

A representative from the Social Services department also informed the court that they have not been able to find the boy at the home of the family member in whose care he had been placed.

He said he was also informed that the child was still selling produce on the street for the couple.

The accused were told that if the child is not found, they will be put in jail.


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