Cops still locked up for sex crimes

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The two policemen accused of rape and buggery have not been able to get bail to date, two weeks after they were charged for the crimes allegedly committed on a 19-year-old woman.
The officers were hoping to secure bail a few days after their arrest and a bail application was filed in the High Court after a magistrate denied them bail earlier this month and set their committal for November 6.
While they await word on bail, they remain on remand, but they are not being held at Her Majesty’s Prison on Coronation Road.
They are in fact being held at Police Headquarters on American Road which is one of several places the prison superintendent is authorised to assign to be used as a prison.
The officers, whose names cannot be published due to legal restrictions, are being guarded by prison staff while they remain in a room at Police Headquarters at the same station where convicted cop, Kevil Nelson, has been serving time for the killing of Denfield “Tody” Thomas.

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