Cop remanded on incest charge

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The Corporal of Police accused of having sex with his daughter had to be rushed to hospital Monday evening after he was charged for the sexual offence of incest.
The officer with over 20 years of service was treated for hypertension and later discharged back into the custody of the police.
Yesterday, the officer was due to have his first court appearance for a committal date to be set, but that did not occur since his lawyer, Michael Archibald was unavailable due to the requirement for his presence in another matter in another court.
According to the charge, the corporal had unlawful sexual intercourse with his daughter who is 11- years-old.
The incident has allegedly been ongoing for some time and the matter came to light after the child reported it to a relative.
The officer last performed duties at the St John’s Police Station Sunday morning and has since been pulled off the job after the report was filed Sunday afternoon. He will be returned to court tomorrow to face one count of incest.
According to the Sexual Offences Act, “A person commits the offence of incest knowing that another person is by blood relationship, his or her parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, niece, aunt or nephew, as the case may be, has sexual intercourse with that person.”
The legislation said, “It is immaterial that sexual intercourse referred to under subsection (1) was had with the consent of the person. A person who commits the offence of incest is liable on conviction to imprisonment for life, if committed by an adult with a person under fourteen years of age.”
This same Act bars publication of the suspect’s name prior to conviction unless he waives that right.

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