Cop killed outside supermarket, gun taken

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According to the Trinidad Express, a police officer has been shot and killed at Kelly Village, Caroni.

He has been identified as Highway patrol officer Nicholas Victor.

Victor had left a supermarket and was walking to his vehicle when two men approached and began shooting.

When Victor fell, the men took his service firearm from his waist and fled.

He died at the scene. He was shot in the head.

Victor is from Bagna Trace, Chase Village.

The killing was the second for the day.

A man was stabbed to death at the Chaguanas Market at around 11a.m.

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  1. People are very cruel they can fly a sign and ask for help. Most people are very generous. You might have to stay there all day but it is worth it. People that do bad things to other people should be hung up !!!


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