Cop held for suspected murder staged as suicide

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A policeman was arrested last evening on suspicion of murder after an autopsy on the body of Nicoma MacFarlane revealed she was strangled and did not commit suicide as the scene suggested.

The constable, already on suspension for an unrelated matter, was picked up hours after the autopsy results were disclosed to the police yesterday.

He was taken to Langfords Police Station as attention now turns to him.

Sources said the investigators suspected something was amiss from early on, based on information received after the body was found with the left wrist slit in two places and an empty Clorox bottle which her mother reportedly left in the bathroom that morning was found on the dining room table next to a razor.

The victim’s mother allegedly left her at home in good spirits on the morning of February 7 but returned from work shortly after 6 p.m. and found her bleeding, slumped in a chair and she called an ambulance.

The 25-year-old resident of Freemans Village was rushed to hospital but pronounced dead the same evening.

Suicide seemed to have been the cause because the scene was allegedly staged and months earlier the young woman had reportedly made worrying social media posts.

MacFarlane was a Jamaican national who only moved to Antigua last year.

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