Cooking gas hike: Price of 100lb cylinder to increase by 16 percent

Many residents rely on LPG gas for cooking
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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

In less than two days, residents will have to dig deeper into their pockets for an extra EC$20 to purchase the 100-pound cylinders of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG).

This comes as one distributor of cooking gas, Kramm Distributors, announced on its Facebook page that, as of April 1, the new price to refill the 100-pound tanks will be EC$175.

The main distributor disclosed that the “price now includes a $20 service fee”.

It is believed that the increase in the cost of fuel is the reason behind the cooking gas hike.

And, like the recent rise in the cost of gasoline and diesel, residents are not pleased.

One resident told Observer that she “may have to invest in a coal pot because this is ridiculous”.

“Everything going up except salaries. How is that making sense?” a social media user queried.

Just about two weeks ago, the price of fuel increased by 25 percent.

The increase went into effect on March 15, meaning motorists now have to pay $15.70 per gallon for gasoline – up from $12.50 – and $15.50 per gallon for diesel, up from $12.20.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia – a major producer of oil – has pushed up oil prices on the international market, which experts say will have a domino effect on economies.

Gas prices traditionally rise when the price of a barrel of crude rises, and in the past few months the price of oil has skyrocketed due to high global demand and scarcity.

Observer contacted Kramm Distributors but was unable to obtain a comment on the matter.

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  1. Gas prices have been going up long before Russia invaded Ukraine. Joe Biden’s shutting
    down of the Eastern Pipeline and thereby rendering the importer of oil (from being a
    net exporter prior to his becoming president) has more to do with the high prices at the pump.


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