Convicted women fined $600 for wounding

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The four women convicted of stabbing a 20-year-old woman at a pool party in September 2018 have each been fined $600 by Justice Ann-Marie Smith in the High Court this morning.

Dalianne Richardson, Shanique Dwyer, Larsheka Gray and Shimmea Welsh pleaded guilty last month to the unlawful wounding of Denatalee Nicholson.

 On September 26 2018, the four women attacked Nicholson, inflicting multiple stab wounds about her body with pieces of a broken bottle.

They were subsequently arrested and charged with wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

A victim impact assessment was conducted whereby Nicholson testified as to the impact of the injuries inflicted upon her by the women.

She said she has had severe respiratory discomfort and is now living with a constant and nagging pain about her right breast and suffers frequent headaches. Noticeable, too, were the several lacerations she sustained about her body. The victim says these wounds have not yet healed properly and, as such, she has had to return to hospital on several occasions to treat them.

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  1. Really??? Really!!!! Really????. I wonder what the cry would have been if the case was dismissed. You mean after the police went out and did their work resulting in the women pleading guilty that’s the sentence!?!?! Really? That’s the sentence I would have expected for a simple wounding at the Magistrate’s Court. What about the pain and suffering of the victim? I have never heard of sorry cooling hot water. I honestly think this is another case where the judge has erred. Would that be the sentence imposed on a man had he pleaded guilty? Are we treating criminal activity based on the gender of the offender? Is crime now tied to sex? I am truly disappointed in the sentence and will be looking closely at what a man get a for a similar offence. This is demoralizing to the police.

  2. They were improperly charged. This was attempted Murder. Imagine people attacking and stabbing? With a few $$$ you can get away with trying to kill someone?

  3. Smh people that dont know **** will always assume ****, I’m wondering if the girls just jump up an start beating her for no reason or everybody head up there ******, do anybody know how deep the wounds were or everybody just a rail up because its 4 to 1 , smh the girls deserve a chance, it’s not like there known criminals so people need to stop trying to dig grave for others an leave themselves out we all have some toxic trait that the lord God isn’t pleased of #givethegirlsabreakweallmakemistakes

    • I hope and trust that you nor a family member are on the receiving end of such a vicious, callous and cruel attack not knowing if you would bleed to death. Empathy is a good trait to possess but it should only be given to those who are deserving and these young women don’t seem remorseful. I am hoping that your advocacy for leniency in not because you are related any of the perpetrators. Of four girls, there’s not one that could have pleaded with her friends to refrain from stabbing the young lady? When this level of callousness is allowed with a mere slap on the wrist it gives rise to vigilantism on behalf of victims and or distrust will prevail among the citizenry.

  4. Guess others can go and inflict wounds to others for $600…They should be charged with intent murder whether they left the scene or not.. Chups!

  5. These young ladies are dangerous and should spend some time behind bars to reflect on their really terrible behaviour.. they should be shamed and humiliated for their unforgivable acts…

  6. if you are a parent, I would love to hear you explain to your children, how four young ladies attacked and stabbed another young lady and were only fined $600 each. Also if the victim was a member of your family, would you ruling be the same?


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