Convicted fraudster ordered to make $46K restitution

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By Latrishka Thomas

George Spencer was yesterday ordered to pay back about $46,000 to a number of people he defrauded.

Should the convict neglect to make full restitution to his victims, High Court Justice Stanley John said that he would have to serve two years at Her Majesty’s Prison.

George Spencer and his wife Francine Spencer were jointly charged with one count of obtaining money under false pretense, which resulted in an almost $50,000 payout on their behalf. However, unlike his wife, George pleaded guilty when they both appeared before the court on October 15th 2019.

He also admitted to causing a sum of $2,000 to be paid under false pretenses, and to obtaining goods fraudulently when he acquired a Nissan motorcar rental and pretended that an RBTT cheque for $10,000 was in good order.

Francine Spencer and George Spencer were said to have pretended to be real estate sales agents and subsequently “sold” several parcels of land to several people.

Between 2009 and 2010, Francine Spencer, in particular, sold land in Gambles, Cassada Gardens, Hodges Bay and Seatons to different individuals, which resulted in her collecting over $160,000.

She pleaded guilty to six counts relating to the offence of obtaining money under false pretenses with intent to defraud, and not guilty to two counts of the same.

She was also charged with causing money to be paid by false pretenses, but pleaded not guilty on all 16 counts.

It is said that she caused Fast Cash to pay out $2,000 to 16 individuals who pretended that they were either employees of GSC Construction and Painting Services, Tropical Beverages, Tropical Service Distributors Limited, or SNM Supermarket.

Francine Spencer is expected to appear before the court again on Thursday of this week .

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