Convict who tried to escape in court today

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A convicted robber who attempted to escape from Her Majesty’s Prison on June 29 has been charged and scheduled to be taken to court today.

Police sources have identified him as Anthony Hamilton, a 25-year-old who is serving a six-year jail sentence for robbing the owner of Innovative Travel & Tours on Nelson’s Alley in 2017.

Hamilton was among several prisoners who were released from their cells for break two Saturdays ago. However, when the bell was rung for them to return, everyone else obeyed but he did not.

The jail was locked down and for several hours officers combed the prison and its immediate surroundings looking for him.

He was reportedly found hiding in the old kitchen area inside the prison yard. An investigation was launched to determine what exactly he had planned. That investigation concluded over the weekend and Hamilton was charged with attempting to escape. He could be jailed for a maximum two years if found guilty.

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