Contract Bridge Justifies Sports Awards Absence

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By Neto Baptiste

At least one national association has sought to justify its decision to forgo nominations for next February’s Vita Malt National Sports Awards.

President of the Antigua Contract Bridge Association (ACBA), Deverel Forde, said the body did not think any of its members made the mark that would have qualified them for nomination.

“We don’t think we had a recent performance that deserves to compete for topline honours. I am not aware of the protocol but we assumed that if we did not send in, it is because we did not think it was necessary for us to do that,” he said. 

The contract bridge association is one of three that failed to make submissions ahead of the December 6th deadline stipulated by the Ministry of Sports.

Sailing and warri also failed to make nominations for the sports awards.

The aim, according to Forde, is to ensure the association’s athletes are in a much better place ahead of next year’s nomination period.

“Me and Frank-I came pretty close [at a competition] in Martinique, but we came second and we didn’t think we should push a second position. But next year we are going to be hosting and I believe we will have people going up next year,” he said.

“We are hoping to win the OECS tournament next year here in Antigua and we are seriously positioning ourselves and I think we have that capability,” he added.

 A total of 19 associations met last Friday’s deadline to submit nominations, with the awards scheduled for February 15th 2020 at a venue to be announced.

Swimmer Stefano Mitchell and shot put athlete Jess St John were the male and female senior winners for 2018.

Tiger Tyson of sailing copped the junior male award, while Soniya Jones was the junior female winner. Edith Clashing of swimming was the official of the year, while Marlon Mack from athletics was the coach of the year.

Basketball’s Carlton Brodie won the top administrator award with Jason King of domino named the senior sportsman of the year. The Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association captured the association of the year accolade.

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