Construction of temporary homes for Booby Alley residents to commence shortly

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The government is getting ready to begin the construction of temporary homes for residents of Booby Alley who will be asked to move in order to make way for a major development project.
Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst said construction of the temporary facilities, will start in a matter of weeks at a site in the Villa community.
“There are some plans that have to be articulated both to the Development Control Authority and the Environment Division so that when these houses are built, they are built to specific standards,” Hurst said.
The government intends to improve the housing stock in Booby Alley by replacing “dilapidated homes” with condominium-styled properties as part of an Urban Renewal Programme.
Hurst said, “The object is to build 150 new homes on the two and a half acres of land that now exist there in [Booby Alley]. The homes are going to be constructed on lands where there is no building, so all the buildings in Booby Alley will have to be removed.”
He also reiterated that property owners in the area will be compensated for the value of the structures they currently occupy and those who are renting will be catered for at subsidised rates.
Earlier this year, Prime Minister Gaston Browne told the media that the government expects to spend in excess of $20 million on the Booby Alley redevelopment, and he was also hoping to secure some of those funds through a grant from the Government of Mexico.
In late October, the government also accepted a grant of EC $100 million from the People’s Republic of China to go towards the construction of 250 homes. It was also revealed that the project will be expanded to include squatters in the Perry Bay community.

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