Consistent Percival eyeing improved mass for future Arnold Classic participation

Men’s Classic Physique bodybuilding competitor Bernard Percival Jr during last weekend’s Arnold Classic Europe.
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By Neto Baptiste

Men’s Classic Physique bodybuilding competitor Bernard Percival Jr, despite his credible sixth place finish in last weekend’s Arnold Classic Europe held in Seville, Spain, believes there is much work to be done if he is to stack up against his “pretty huge” competitors.

“I still realize that I still have challenges in terms of sizing up with these athletes, because these guys are some pretty huge fellas so that is my main challenge with these guys, but I think that my consistency and the shape I am able to create in my physique and stuff like that has me going toe to toe with them. I am not where I need to be on top of these guys, but I am standing toe to toe so I am happy at this moment,” he said. 

In 2019, Percival also finished in the top 10 when he registered an eighth place finish at the event held in Barcelona, Spain.

The difference this time around Percival said, is that he was more relaxed and determined to enjoy the high level of competition.

“My first year, I didn’t really take time to enjoy the experience and really take it all in, so I was focused on doing well and living up to the hype and stuff like that, but this time I just enjoyed it and I realized that I could still be competitive and have fun at the same time and that’s a huge take away for me realistically. I hope that other athletes can have that experience or that it is something that I can pass on that when you are competing, just have fun. No matter where you are or how big the stage is or how big the competition level is, enjoy yourself at the same time, and I was able to do it this time so I was really happy with that,” the athlete said. IFBB Elite Bikini Fitness professional, Kimberly Percival, was crowned international champion in her class with fellow Antiguan Michelle Seaforth finishing third. Michelle’s twin sister Melissa Seaforth, who also competed in the Bikini Class, finished just outside the top 10.

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