Concerned Netballers league set to climax

The “breakaway” netball league being put on by the Concerned Netballers group, is set to climax next week with its bronze and gold medal matches at the YMCA Sports Complex.

This is according to one member of the group, Shenneth Samuel, who said the matches should prove interesting.

“In the senior division, we have Seaglans leading in zone one and we have Yorks who are leading in zone two and both (teams) have completed all of their matches. So, on the 21st of July, playing for first and second, we will have Yorks vs Seaglans at 7 pm and at 6 pm we will have Potters 1 vs St Georges and they will be playing for the third and fourth positions,” she said.

Samuel, who is also a former national player, said the competition has. so far, surpassed expectations even without the support of the Antigua & Barbuda Netball Association (ABNA). Government, she said, has, however, shown an interest.

“Senator Colin James was present at a match for the Juniors last week. We are in conversation with him very often as to what’s happening as they are supposed to be sponsoring some prizes as well and we have his full support,” she said.

“The support from the public has been overwhelming. Last night (Sunday) we were in Parham and we had a full stand and whenever we go to the communities, the parents come out, persons in the communities come out. The only problem we are having in the communities, though, is that the facilities are not so good,” Samuel added.

The former national champion is hoping that for a closer working relationship with the national association in the future.

“I am hoping that even though we didn’t have the involvement from the association, that we can reach out because somebody has to reach out and everybody can come together for the development of the sport,” she said.

The Intermediate division was won by All Saints with Seaglans and Bolans finishing second and third, respectively. The Juniors’ division was dominated by Bolans with All Saints and Seaglans as runners-up.