Concerned citizen calls on Public Works to fix dangerous road hazard

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Concerned citizen and United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate in St George, George Wehner, is reporting what he describes as “life-threatening danger that awaits unsuspecting motorists and other road users” on the Freeman’s Village main road.

Local businessman and farmer, George Purcell, placed a cone in the road to alert road users of the pending danger.   

On his social media post, Wehner called on the Ministry of Works, “to replace and repair the jars in this culvert, as they have begun to collapse under the weight of the heavy duty vehicles that commute this route with increased regularity”.

The UPP candidate also took the opportunity to call on the area’s representative to answer to the unattended road hazard: “Does the representative of the area, MP Michael Browne, travel this road in his constituency? Is he on island or has he traveled again to his preferred exotic destinations,” said Wehner.

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