Concern over prisoner’s conduct after mace incident

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A clash between a prison officer and convicted killer Zenroy Denzil Howell, which resulted in mace being sprayed in the jail just over a week ago, has raised concern among some prison officers and inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison.
Several other inmates were affected by this and complained to the media. But, the bigger concern is coming from prison staff.
Sources who did not want to be named since they have no official authority to speak with the media, said that two Fridays ago, the prisoner who was in maximum security, began misbehaving and causing a raucous in the cell he shared with other inmates.
This resulted in a response from prison officers, one of whom was allegedly attacked by the inmate.
According to one of the sources who spoke with OBSERVER media, a prison officer was forced to spray mace on the killer to subdue him, before he was placed in lock-down.
In 2013, Howell was sentenced to six years in jail for manslaughter in relation to the 2010 killing of Cuban doctor Nivaldo Quintana.
Howell is now due for release from prison in December since his time on remand awaiting trial was also counted as part of his sentence.
His behavior though, is a cause for concern, according to sources at the prison, who say he has continued to display bad behaviour.
While they cannot hold the inmate beyond the time he was sentenced, they say he is not ready for release and are calling for more structured and varied rehabilitation programmes at the jail, in addition to everyday counselling.
They say Howell was among those inmates on a prison rehabilitation programme, working outside the jail but he was not getting a rounded rehabilitation regimen which included counselling.
And, according to one source, he was caught engaging in sexual activities with a female while out on one of the programmes at a government facility.

Since then, he was removed from the programme and placed in maximum security, where his behavior allegedly continues to worsen.
The source provided photographic evidence of Howell with his female companion some of which are also on the woman’s Facebook page.
And the woman, in her social media posts, speaks of their relationship over the past three years – a period during which Howell has been behind bars.

Convicted killer, Zenroy Howell while behind bars

There are also images of Howell from his jail cell on the social media site and the prison source says, these were shown to prison superintendent Albert Wade, and resulted in Howell being punished.

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