Comrade says ‘I would resign’ over auction money affair

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One of Senator Michael Freeland’s ‘comrades’ has frankly stated that were he at the centre of the auction money controversy at which Freeland has found himself, he would resign from the senate.
Neil Williams, who recently announced himself as an Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) candidacy hopeful for St. John’s Rural East, said he would not be able to stand “the public shame” of the ongoing issue.
“He might not think that he should but if I were in his shoes then I would walk away. I would resign,” Williams said on OBSERVER radio yesterday.
“The public shame,” he explained, would stem from assumptions people would make about why Freeland, an auctioneer, failed to turn over $119,866.50 in auction proceeds reportedly due to the Customs and Excise Division several months ago and why the senator has not clarified the matter publicly.
Yesterday, Rajoo Boddu, Comptroller of Customs confirmed that Freeland has been repaying the sum in installments since he failed to turn over the full sum, the final installment having been due yesterday.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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