Companies threaten legal action against Festivals Commission

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The Festivals Commission is facing a threat of legal action from two companies for non-payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to them for services provided for carnival spanning over several years.
The companies behind the new threat are The Source Multimedia and Wadadli Event Services. The matter came to this newsroom’s attention just hours after another group — Event Production Group — threatened to suspend its services for Carnival 2017, if it did not immediately receive monies towards arrears or a commitment to be paid by the commission.
The proprietor of the multimedia company has engaged the services of attorney Craig Christopher who has since written to the commission, demanding payment. In the most recent letter sent to the commission in April, the company said it asked the Commission since October 21, 2016 to “make a proposal for liquidations of the debt [$219,865] by instalments. However, no response to the said letter was ever received with any such proposal.”
The law firm told the commission that “the state of affairs is wholly unacceptable and our client is currently unable to properly operate and manage his business with such a significant sum outstanding. Demand is hereby made that the sum be paid to our client … failure to comply with my demand will result in legal proceedings being commenced without any further notice to the commission.”
Since writing that letter in April, according to a source involved in the matter, the Festivals Commission has not responded to the company, and the lawyer was said to be preparing to file legal proceedings.
In the legal notice issued to Minister with responsibility for Carnival, the Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs, and the Accountant General Cleopatra Gittens, the lawyer said the monies owed are for services dating back to 2013.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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