Community activist claims police indifference

Police form a human barricade at All Saints Magistrate’s Court as the four murder-accused officers arrive while protestors gathered outside the court house in what has become one of the most high profile cases in recent history. (Photo by Shamoy Malone)
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A community activist lamented the slow response of the police in investigating a break-in which reportedly occurred at his home on July 23. 

Eugene Humphreys, self-proclaimed Minister of Helps, said that the incident happened while he was a patient at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre.

He told listeners to Saturday’s Snake Pit broadcast that a friend, who had previously visited him at the hospital, made the discovery.

Humphreys said that his visitor shouted at the perpetrators, one of whom escaped through a window.

The thieves reportedly walked away with two passports, a light and $1500 in cash.

Humphreys said that an initial report was made to the Criminal Investigations police who came to his home, but have not returned since.

He added that he also provided information, that could have been of interest to the police, but they seemed uninterested.

The community activist, who is also suffering from stage four cancer, said that he is fearful for his life.  

Observer is still working to independently verify the claims and obtain a comment from the police.

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