Communication efforts in Dominica

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Dominican residents’ primary means of communication with the outside world is satellite phones.
According to the Philmore Mullin, director of the National Office of Disaster Services, emergency officials and rescue team operators have these necessary devices to provide and receive information regarding any relief and eventual rescue of the islanders.  Mullin noted that due to a lack of resources, each community or village does not currently have a readily available satellite phone. “If there are agencies or companies that are willing to foot cost, it would help,” he said. 
Mullin also revealed that Dominicans who have operational mobile devices are able to communicate among themselves using WhatsApp and other texting applications.
“A team from Digicel went in to do an assessment,” Mullin explained. Mobile stations are functional and facilitate data usage for residents able to charge their mobile phones. But, he admitted, this is rare. The national public power grid is not operating so many residents are unable to charge their cell phones. Mullin said that only critical medical facilities, security and some private properties have generators, giving them access to electrical power. 
Relatives and friends of Dominican residents in that nation and across the Caribbean are seeking alternative channels of communication because Hurricane Maria devastated the national infrastructure.

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