Committal date set for three youngsters who allegedly passed fake money

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

The committal proceeding against three young men charged for possessing and using counterfeit money has been postponed until June 24.

That’s the date when 19-year-old Jahmal Prevost of Paynters, 23-year-old Alrick Oliver and 19-year-old Elvis Pelle, both of Pigotts, will find out if there is sufficient evidence against them to send their case to the higher court.

The youngsters are said to have entered a clothing store on Market Street on February 18 and passed fake currency — three Eastern Caribbean $100 notes — to the store’s owner, while knowing they were counterfeits.

They reportedly bought items of clothing with the money, but while one of them collected his change from $100, another who was said to have put $200 on the counter to purchase his items, walked out of the store without waiting for his change.

The complainant became suspicious and after she examined the money, she realised the notes were fake.

It is said that when she attempted to call out to the men, but they continued to walk away.

The police were contacted and the store’s camera footage was reviewed. The trio was reportedly observed conducting the transactions on camera, and the police were able to identify them and went in search of them.

They were spotted in Pigotts and when the officers approached them, they reportedly ran.

The officers gave chase and were able to apprehend Oliver who was said to be in possession of the items he purchased.

Search warrants were later executed at the homes of the other two and a pair of jeans was reportedly recovered.

The three youngsters, who are all on bail, appeared before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh in the St John’s Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Oliver’s lawyer, Cosbert Cumberbatch, requested that the bail conditions for his client be altered so that he only reports to the police station three days a week.

Prevost’s lawyer Wendel Robinson made a similar request, and also asked that his client should report to the police station in Barbuda since he has obtained a job there.

The magistrate was lenient and granted their requests.

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