Commemorating those who help keep cyclists safer on the roads

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Residents who have played a role in keeping Antigua’s roads safer for cyclists amid increasing traffic have been officially recognised by the Road Runners Cycling Club.

The body launched its ‘Share the Roads Antigua and Barbuda’ Facebook page two years ago in a bid to promote road safety and better protect cyclists and pedestrians.

“So we created the Road Runners Cycling Club appreciation awards,” spokesman Alistair Savory told Observer.

“We would these present annually to drivers of vehicles that got our attention while we rode around Antigua throughout the year. The idea was, if people are awarded merits for safe driving and we publicise this, the public may start to think, hey I should drive better around cyclists and pedestrians as I may be recognised for it,” he explained. “And we might in a small way reduce the close shaves and incidents between vehicles and cyclists.”

This year’s awardees include Glen Turner, driver of bus 251, plus taxi driver Sylvester Hughes, and private car owner Prakash Seebarran, for safe and considerate driving around cyclists.

Also recognised was Denis Seon of Nice 104.3FM for providing the club with a weekly media platform; David Brown of Urlings Bakery for “great service and the best saltfish and wood-fired bread in the south of Antigua”; Petal’s Café in Jolly Harbour for its hospitality and breakfasts; Dougie Compton and the Skullduggery Café crew for friendly service and good coffee; and fruit and veg vendor Lucille ‘Mother’ Millet for her generosity to the cyclists that pass though Cobbs Cross on Saturday mornings.

“And we have to thank our sponsors Axxess Marine LLC, Island Provision Ltd and Battery Engineering for their continued support,” Savory said.

“The awards are our way of giving back a little something to all those who make cycling safer in Antigua and Barbuda,” he added.

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