Collaboration tipped between new Grammy winner Koffee and Antigua’s Au/Ra

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By Machela Osagboro

Antiguan artist Au/Ra is planning a collaboration with new Grammy-winning artist Koffee and says she is thrilled about the Jamaican reggae star’s win on Sunday night.

Observer media reached out to platinum-selling singer Au/Ra – whose real name is Jamie Lou Stenzel – who said, “Koffee and I are in talks about working together so hopefully we can work out something in the future. She’s awesome.”

About Koffee’s win at Sunday’s 62nd annual Grammy awards, Au/Ra added, “I’m so happy for her and her team. The win is so well deserved and I wish her continued success.

“It’s so exciting to see so many young people in the music industry doing so well and especially fellow Caribbean artists. This job can be tough and it’s so important to support each other.”

Another young female Antiguan artist, Asher Otto who sings with the Itchyfeet band, relayed her pride for Koffee’s win.

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