Codrington water tank to significantly increase supply for residents

The new tank is set to significantly boost the town’s water supply
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By Elesha George

[email protected]

A water tank with the capacity to hold200,000 gallons of water is nearing completion in Codrington, Barbuda.

The project is being undertaken by Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) developers and the Barbuda Ocean Club.

Catie Kohler, Director of Community Initiatives for the Barbuda Ocean Club, said the tank will significantly increase the community’s potable water supply.

(Photos courtesy Justin Wilshaw)

Currently, the town is being supplied with about 3,000 gallons of water a day.

The addition of the tank, which was put together by experts and local Barbudans, will increase the town’s water supply capacity almost 70-fold.

Justin Wilshaw, Project President for PLH, is hoping that the tank will be completed by the end of the week.

 “It did take some time but we are pleased with partners like Coco Point Fund and the like, that we’re finally able to get the experts in that we need. With Covid it was very difficult getting them in, getting APUA to agree which we finally did,” he said.

The investors plan to fill the tank next week with enough water to supply the area for up to five days at a time.

Meanwhile, a separate project by PLH to restore the horse race track on the island is also underway. Wilshaw said the track will be ready by February 14 in time for a Valentine’s Day race.

The investors have also offered loan programmes to help rebuild houses for Barbudans who lost homes to Hurricane Irma and to assist businesses on the island, as well as internships for young adults and students preparing to enter the world of work.

Despite their community efforts, PLH developers remain highly criticised for their creation of a luxury resort, private homes and golf course at Palmetto Point. The project has been controversial due to its impact on the ecologically sensitive area which includes wetlands protected by a global treaty.

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