Codrington airport fence repairs started

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Work on the perimeter fence at the Codrington airport has begun as relief work continues on the sister isle to return things to normal, post Hurricane Irma.
The National Office of Disaster Services (NODS) is coordinating the clean-up efforts and director Philmore Mullin said roaming livestock continue to create a challenge for aircraft traffic and repairing and replacing the fence is now being addressed.
“They have to cut the wire off the broken poles, remove the broken poles and that is a bit of fence. We are going to ship the poles over so they can repair the poles and strap the fence onto the new poles,” Mullin said yesterday.
Efforts are being made to salvage as much of the poles and fencing as possible.
He could not give a date on when the fence will be completed and he directed OBSERVER media to airport officials for the anticipated date of reopening.
“Until the fence is in place, the situation will be dealt with the same say it has been dealt with on a daily basis. If there are aircrafts going over, the security forces will chase the donkeys out of the way until the aircraft is landed or takes off and this is why flights are restricted,” the director said.
According to NODS’ Facebook page repair work has begun on buildings in Barbuda that were damaged during the passage of Hurricane Irma.
Two teams are on the sister-isle – one to complete the list of materials needed and another group will commence work on the 250 structures.
Building materials, tarpaulin, blankets and other items such as tents, water tanks and water storage containers have been sent over to the sister island.
Meanwhile, Barbudans returning home to clean their properties are being advised to take the necessary precautions. The disaster office recommends that sturdy shoes, gloves and other protective gear be worn.
Individuals are advised that any concerns with respect to cleaning and staying in Barbuda should be raised at the Distribution Centre at the Fisheries Complex.

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