Cochrane Denies Fraudulent Nomination

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Neil Cochrane, a candidate in the National Olympic Committee’s (NOC) Presidential poll, has responded to claims made by sitting NOC President and Minister of Sports E.P. Chet Greene. In an attempt to refute the accusation of fraudulent nomination, Cochrane told OBSERVER media that his nomination was, indeed, in standing order. “I received an email dated December 19 from NOC Secretary General, Cliff Williams, which stated that my nomination was confirmed from the ABFA and seconded by the Fencing Federation. “I am therefore contesting the NOC Elections tonight unless blocked.”
However, Cochrane will not be present at the elections since he is in New York City dealing with his health. A representative will be present will. Cochrane, the general secretary of the Caribbean Football Association, declared that he would take legal action should he be blocked from contesting the election. He expressed disappointment at the claims made by the president in regards to the nomination made by the Fencing Federation’s President, Kelesha Antoine.
“I am sorry that Ms. Antoine is being dragged through the mud after standing up for justice,” Cochrane said. “This matter will be dealt with in a different manner and forum. “Many persons in the sporting fraternity fear to even vote or take action as they are pressured by the double role Greene holds as president and minister. “I even have e-mails showing Greene threatening NOC members in regards to the election.”
Cochrane denied having any personal issue with the minister. However, when he was asked if he would work along-side Greene if he loses the post as president but gains the role as first vice president, he said that he could not give an answer.
He, however, said that he would unite with the other contender for NOC Presidency, Dr. Philmore Benjamin. In his final statement, Cochrane encouraged persons to vote for him guaranteeing a more transparent body. “I am encouraging all membership associations to vote for a change and will guarantee that with the new body transparency will be enforced, there will be no personal gains but all decisions will be made for the growth of the NOC,” Cochrane said.

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