Cocaine case with pilot goes to High Court

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Colin Murraine’s application for the dismissal of a cocaine possession charge and other related allegations against him has been shot down by the court and he has been committed to stand trial.

All Saints Court Magistrate, Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards sent the case to the High Court for hearing in the May Criminal Assizes this year.

Attorney Lawrence Daniels, who represented Murraine, said he made a no-case submission ahead of a recent hearing and the prosecution replied soon after.

The magistrate agreed with the response and she found that the prosecution provided sufficient prima facie evidence to warrant advancing the indictable case to a higher court for trial.

Murraine, who was 31 at the time of his arrest, was charged by the Office of National Drug and Money Laundering Control Police (ONDCP) on February 2, 2018 with possession, drug trafficking and being concerned with the supply of 105 pounds of cocaine valued $1.7 million.

He was denied bail in the magistrate’s court but was later released by the High Court on $4.5 million bail with a bond of $450,000.

The accused, who was the chief pilot at Caribbean Helicopters Limited, put up two parcels of land valuing an amount exceeding the bond.

He also had to surrender his passport to the court and get two people to sign as assurance he would show up whenever his case is called.

While on bail, Murraine must report to Police Headquarters daily and he cannot change his address unless he informs the court in advance.

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