Coaches should be held accountable: Sir Viv calls for the institution of performance standards

Former West Indies captain and legendary batsman, Sir Viv Richards.
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By Neto Baptiste

Former West Indies captain and legendary batsman Sir Viv Richards believes coaches should be held more accountable for the performances of regional teams.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, the Antiguan said that just like players are judged based on performance, there is also a need for goals which must be achieved by coaches and used as part of their evaluation. 

“We’ve got to start calling on the coaches a bit more in my opinion for performances and to have a level at some point regarding performances where you’d say that last year we were here at that level and where we want to be next year, so I am looking for stuff like that sort of improvement. I think I am looking for that sort of improvement which I am not seeing at the moment,” he said. 

The former batsman, who scored a total of 8540 runs in 121 Test and another 6721 in 187 One Day International (ODI) matches, went on to add that there needs to be a more serious approach towards West Indies cricket and what it represents to Caribbean people and fans on a whole.

“We need to be a little bit more honest with ourselves, and sometimes maybe the decision-making. Sometimes we play around a little bit in terms of what the profession itself presents and how it should be presented because there are times we play around with it for some reason of which I am not quite sure,” Sir Viv said.

“We sometimes cut corners because of individuals and the power of individuals who are in the team, and we need to get rid of that, we need to start treating everyone and especially if you want to have individuals being honest as to how they go out and basically perform and how they give of their best,” he added. 

Sir Viv also called for equity in how players are treated regarding fitness and other issues.

“There are times we play to people’s affairs and not overall in terms of the team in itself because no one or two or three individuals make up a team in itself. It’s about the solidness, and everyone being on board, and just how you dish out the treatment, I think it needs to be a little fairer in my opinion. It gives everyone an opportunity and where the fitness is concerned, that seems to be lacking for years now,” he said.

Last week, CWI’s Interim Selection Panel announced the squads for the upcoming series against Ireland and England. The West Indies will start the new year at Sabina Park, Jamaica as they host Ireland in the three-match CG Insurance One-Day International (ODI) Series and a one-off CG Insurance T20 International (T20I) from January 8 to 16.

The two-time World Champions will then travel to Barbados to face England in five T20Is at Kensington Oval from January 22 to 30.

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