CMC staff strike over several issues

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A number of workers from the Central Marketing Corporation (CMC) walked off the job this morning over back pay owed, a leaking roof and other matters.
About a dozen workers, out of 41, left their stations at the St. John’s establishment and stood outside the building for several hours as they awaited the arrival of their union.
While the managers declined to speak, the workers said they have been back and forth with the management board and internal managers, over the issues.
They said they have yet to see an effort to address their concerns, which also include health and safety.
One worker said the roof of the building has been leaking for over 10 years and they have had to walk in the filthy water to do their work. According to her, the water that leaks from the roof becomes a mixture of blood from the meat sold to CMC and delivered at the back entrance, dirt from people walking in and out among other things.
The workers’ action this morning hardly had an impact on productivity, a source said, as all departments remained operational throughout the day.
CMC is a government entity that was set up is to stimulate, facilitate and improve the production, marketing and processing of produce in Antigua and Barbuda for the benefit of the producer.
More details would be provided when the information becomes available.

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