Clubs involved in Super 8 fight offers public apologies

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The Swetes FC has issued a public apology for the role they would have played in last Sunday’s “brawl” with the Pigotts Bullets FC in the finals of the Wadadli Beer Super 8 Championships at the Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG).
The fixture, hosted by the Antigua & Barbuda Football Association (ABFA), ended prematurely after players from both teams and some fans, became embroiled in a fight following a scuffle for the ball. The scuffle ensued after Swetes had pulled a goal back from 2-0 down with 13 minutes left in the contest.
In their haste to move the ball to the half-line and have the match resume, some Swetes players apparently became irate that the Bullets players were not in any hurry to get the ball to the halfway mark.
But according to the President of the Swetes FC, Jason Knight, his executive and by extension the club, does not condone the behaviour witnessed on Sunday.
“Our behaviour was extremely inappropriate, immature and lacked the respect that the ABFA, our sponsors and fans deserve. It was a disruption and distracted the officials from doing their job. It was embarrassing but we have learnt that nobody appreciates poor behaviour,” the apology read.
The note, which also offered apologies to the Bullets team, went on to chastise those Swetes fans that would have invaded the field during the fracas.
“To the fans and supporters, we are thankful for your countless support through good and tough times but, on the other hand, we ask that you will also uphold the standards and positive behaviour of the Swetes FC.”
One day earlier, Bullets also issued a similar apology, condemning the invasion of the pitch by supporters while regretting any role they would have played in the incident.
“Fans invading the pitch is not tolerated as it puts the game, players and officials all at great risk and it is not what we stand for. Moreover, it does not represent who we are as an organisation,” it read.
“We have worked tirelessly towards rebuilding our community spirit and fan base through sports and we will continue to work towards being a shining example of positivity and what hard work together, can achieve.”
The matter has since been referred to the FA’s disciplinary committee for hearing with a ruling expected before the end of the week.

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