Climatologist explains cold temperatures

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A weather expert within the Antigua & Barbuda Meteorological Services has given an explanation behind the cold temperatures the country has been experiencing within the past several nights.
Climatologist Dale Destin said that there is a combination of factors that has contributed to this noticeable drop in temperature.
“The overall weather conditions that we have been looking at for the past few days and, more specifically, for the past few nights are that of cloudless skies, light winds coming from the northerly direction. We also have a situation where the atmosphere is quite dry and we’re also pretty much in the dead of the northern hemisphere winter, so all those things are combining to cause the nighttime extremely cold temperatures by Antiguan standards,” he explained in an OBSERVER media interview.
Destin also addressed some of the jokes and images circulating across various social media platforms, saying that below freezing point temperatures would have to be experienced for several days for ice to form.
“With respect to the image of ice being on the ground where it would appear as if some small stream or lake would have frozen over as a result of the temperatures that we have been having, for that to happen, sub-zero or sub-freezing temperatures persisting for days,” he said.
He also gave a weather forecast for the upcoming days.
“As we go past tonight [Sunday], we should be back to our normal temperatures. Then we’ll see another dip in the winds coming out of the northerly direction around Wednesday and Thursday at which time, we could see a return of the cold nights.”

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