Market Street Clean UP

St Johns City vendors fear they will be displaced if forced to move from central locations (OBSERVER media photo)

Market Street vendors have until Tuesday to relocate, as St John’s Development Corporation (SJDC) seeks to reduce congestion on one of the country’s main thoroughfare.

Public Relations Officer for the SJDC, Jacqui Browne said, “There are a large number of vendors who are occupying the sidewalks going up Market Street, which has made it really difficult for pedestrians to walk and traffic to flow properly,” Browne said.

“What we are trying our best to do is those with the trucks they will be able to vend in their trucks on the eastern side of the Public Market, but for the vegetable vendors we have space inside and they is more than enough space to accommodate them,” the PRO added.

But the news has angered the 20-plus vegetable, clothes and beauty supplies vendors, who said they are willing to strike a compromise with the statutory body, instead of being forced to relocate their businesses.

Vegetable Vendors operating on lower Market Street have being told as of Tuesday they will have to move to the opposite side of the VC Bird Bust (lower All Saints Road) to do business.

For those who are selling clothing and other items, Browne said a decision was made to re-locate them to the back of the West Bus Station Terminal.

One vendor, who operates “Everything Hair and Body,” outside the Fisheries Complex, said the traders are willing to meet with the SDJC to strike a compromise.

Dexter Frederick said he, along with his other colleagues, were notified by the corporation, on Friday, they had to move.

(More in today’s Daily Observer)