Clarevue workers strike

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Non-established workers at the Clarevue Psychiatric hospital returned to normal duties yesterday, following a day of protest action over deplorable working conditions and other matters. They did so based on a directive from their bargaining unit – the Antigua Trades and Labour Union (AT&LU).
However, established workers being represented by the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association have decided to stay off the job. The employees are agitating for better working conditions, outstanding overtime and uniform allowance. The outstanding amounts dates back to 2015.
Ralph Potter, industrial relations officer for the AT&LU, said the workers returned to work following a brief meeting with Prime Minister Gaston Browne. He also said that by the end of the day, some of the demands the workers were lobbying for were met. “Actions were taken to address some of the matters, based on the conversation I had with the prime minister.
He also gave an undertaking that the other matters will be addressed within another few days,” Potter said. The AT&LU will be holding further dialogue with the prime minister on Friday. Meanwhile, Joan Peters, president of the public service association, was adamant from the onset, that it would take more than a promise for established workers to return to work.
Up until the time of going to press, she said they would lead the second day of protest, despite the fact that some promises were fulfilled. “We can’t live on empty promises, we have been living on a promise for a while. We appreciate his intervention {Prime Minister Gaston Browne}, but we need to see action,” Peters said.

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