CKHS Scholarship for Barbudans

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Joan Underwood, chairwoman of the Christ the King High School board, announced yesterday that the institution will offer scholarships to five Barbudan students in their 5th form year. The deadline to apply is tomorrow, September 15.
The Christ the King High School, located on Old Parham Road, St. John’s, is the first private school to announce efforts to aid students who were relocated to Antigua and had attended Sir McChesney George High School in Barbuda.    
Students interested in applying for the scholarship are required to submit references from the principal and a 5th form teacher at Sir McChesney George High School. Underwood said that financial status is not a consideration because Hurricane Irma affected all Antiguans and Barbudans equally.
Parents of applicants will need to ensure that students have comfortable living arrangements to complement the school’s efforts, Underwood said, adding that qualifying applicants must be willing to learn, to participate in school functions and to help with charitable causes.
“Every minute counts in terms of getting ready for the CXC,” Underwood said, explaining that the school board’s focus is to ensure that all students preparing for CXC get the opportunity to complete the entire syllabus.

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