Chuck Jones would be proud

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Charles ‘Chuck’ Jones, was an American animator and painter, best known for his work with Warner Brothers. He was one of the creators of the Loony Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Wile E Coyote, Pepe Le Pew, Road Runner, Penelope Pussycat, and so on and so forth, providing generations of children (and even some adults) with hours of laughter at the foibles and follies of his creations. Their hijinks were hilarious. To this day, many of us adults still laugh at the befuddled, not-too-bright, Elmer Fudd and his, “I tort I thaw a puddy cat.”

Anyway, our country sank to a new low on the Road Runner scale of incompetence yesterday. Seemed, the St John’s Magistrate’s Court, still shamelessly ensconced in the commandeered Grays Green Community Sports complex on Knuckleblock, could not meet for a morning session to hear any cases, because the . . . gasp . . . don’t laugh . . . keys to the courtroom could not be located. Yes, in this very advanced society of ours, almost a whole day of Court hearings and proceedings had to be postponed on account of carelessness at best, and incompetence at worst. We suggest the latter. Our government offices are riddled with Elmer Fudds.

Of course, it wobbles the mind as to why there are only one set of keys to the Knuckleblock Magistrate’s Court, the set kept at the Grays Farm Police Station. Even the original Elmer Fudd and Pepe Le Pew would know that more than one set of keys to a home, or a business place, or a courtroom is critical, in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, such as what occurred yesterday.  Alas! The learned people that run our Courtroom, are oblivious to that rudimentary fact. We are in bad shape.

Not surprisingly, many of the good citizens of this fair State immediately suspected dirty pool. They were, and remain, convinced that the seemingly innocuous story about losing the keys, was a cover for the real reason why there was no Court session yesterday morning at Knuckleblock. Sigh! Whether that is so or not, and we here at NEWSCO know of no other reason save the silly one proffered by the Court authorities, but the cynicism of the people speaks to the ever-growing distrust between the government and the governed. Apparently, so much of what they have told us in the past has proven to be a half-truth or an outright lie, that their words cannot be taken without several pinches of salt. Their utterances cannot be taken at face value. So sad! We are become a people of little faith.

Consider, if you will, the strident denials of He of a High Place in this sordid African migrant saga. We submit that a goodly portion of Antiguans and Barbudans do not believe a blessed word of what he has said. He can jump high and jump low, he can protest ‘til he is blue in the face, that he was duped, blah, blah, blah. Nobody in possession of his or her faculties believes him. Indeed, to believe our good leader, requires what Hilary Clinton (Former US First Lady, New York Senator, and presidential candidate) once said of General Petraeus’ testimony on the prosecution of the Iraq war, “A willing suspension of disbelief.” Telling a half-story is now the coin of the realm.

The particulars of the YIDA story are lies, as are the WISEZ tall tales. The reverse osmosis plant excuses, are just that, excuses. The Olympic-sized swimming pool at Tomlinson’s is a figment of this Administration’s imagination, designed to seduce swim fans just before the last election. It will remain a pipe dream. So too will the much-ballyhooed rehabilitation of the city of St John’s. The explanations given to distressed patients about the non-functioning of the MRI machine and other equipment at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre are prevarications, and on and on it goes . . .

Most importantly, of course, is the government’s fudging and fumbling of its ‘Nancy story on the African migrant saga. The Administration’s strident protests that it is completely innocent in all of this, never mind its twenty percent equity in the supposedly ‘defunct’ Antigua Airways, and never mind the water cannon salute and the red-carpet welcome at the Sir V C Bird Airport, and all the flowery speeches about what a wonderful thing this was for Antigua and Barbuda, this Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) Administration bears a goodly share of responsibility for what happened to the doomed African migrants, and the good name and reputation of Antigua and Barbuda. We now have a black eye on account of this government’s hubris, never mind its amazing stupidity.

Bugs Bunny and Wily Coyote will forever be scratching their heads at how these supposedly brilliant people thought that they could get away with this uh . . . [pun intended] ‘hare-brained, ‘fly-by-night’ scheme.

At the end of all his cartoon sketches, Chuck Jones always had Bugs Bunny sign-off with a cheery, “That’s all, folks!” In this case, in this blessed country of ours run by cartoon characters, “That’s NOT ALL, folks!” There is more ‘doodie’ to hit the fan, never mind the protestations from the High Places that there is nothing to see here.

Chuck Jones, we need you to draw a sketch of poor Elmer Fudd and his cohorts, trying to dodge the ‘doodie,’ even as they self-servingly push others into it.

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