Christmas Day shooting victim celebrates birthday at home with family

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Although his road to recovery will be a long journey, the family of the British national who was shot in the head on Christmas Day, received an extra reason to smile on Wednesday as they welcomed their loved one home.

Christopher Tester, 38, was released from a navy hospital in time to celebrate his birthday yesterday with eager family members.

Yesterday, his father, Tony Tester, told OBSERVER media that the UK national was feeling happy although he was a little apprehensive about the new chapter of his life.

According to Tony, Christopher, though happy, was still experiencing a lot of pain following an operation on Monday to close air leaks in his skull.

The younger Tester was shot in the head during an attempted robbery on the night of December 25, 2016, at his parents’ business place in Old Road.

He was stabilised in the Intensive Care Unit at Mount St John’s Medical Centre, was airlifted to Guadeloupe days after, and then flown to the UK to a specialist Royal Navy hospital.

In late January, his father had said that his son was totally blind and

was being treated in a rehabilitation hospital for the blind and brain-damaged in order to adjust to his disability.

The family had also offered US $20,000 for anyone with information that could lead to successful arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator (s).

Late last month, the family also delivered on their threats to close their Old Road eatery, The Boxer Shack Beach Bar and Restaurant.

This newspaper got wind of the information through a voicemail prompt when the number for the business was contacted.

Tester was one of two people who were shot during the Christmas holidays.

Alba “Bumba” Coates of Golden Grove was also shot early on Boxing Day, and died in hospital on January 3.

Investigations into the separate shooting incidents are ongoing, according to the police.

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