Christian denominations hold seminar to promote more active membership

Three Christian denominations have put aside their differences and joined forces to help develop prophetic and apostolic model churches where all the members play more active roles.

Kingdom Connections – which consists of the All Saints Pentecostal Church, Restoration Ministries and Church of the Nazarene in Gray’s Farm – is hosting an apostolic and prophetic conference at Ryan’s Conference Centre.

The seminar began on Wednesday and will conclude on Monday.

It’s the body’s fourth conference and includes various inspirational speakers across the region, including, Tobagonian Pastor Ann Marie Almon of the People of Destiny Ministries International based in Brooklyn, New York.

“I would be dealing with two main areas: prophetic worship and what the church should look like in this time and season as we look at the model that Christ left for his church and I believe that we are looking at a model of an apostolic and a prophetic church and I want to bring clarity to that,” she explained. “An apostolic and prophetic church is a church that functions on the principles of the apostle and the prophet. It means that they must have an apostolic understanding.”

The pastor added, “An apostle is one who is sent. Therefore, a church that functions apostolically understands that they are in the earth to carry out a specific assignment and God is the one who gives the assignment and he also gifts not just one man, but all the church is gifted.”

According to Almon, in an apostolic church, each member is trained to use his/her gift for the glory of God and in the prophetic dimension; individuals receive revelations from the Lord.

Lamenting the current trend where most individuals go to church every week but are hardly active members, she noted that adopting the aforesaid models would help to change such.

She said the main method through which these models can be achieved is by teaching both the leadership and membership.

This is Almon’s third mission to Antigua and she said the leaders she has spoken to in the past have been implementing the models.

Meantime, Chairman of Kingdom Connections Pastor Jean Gerald Lafleur told this newspaper that the sessions are being held under the theme, “I’m an Eagle.”

Noting that the aim is to inspire attendees to reach for the stars, Lafleur said: “We are encouraging the people to think higher and live higher in their attitude in the way they handle things. Things that are happening around us today can really dampen our spirit and cause us to really think lower of ourselves …

“So therefore, we are challenging to think higher,” the pastor added.

“This whole thing is not about us. It’s about different churches coming together to showcase who God is … Three different denominations really putting aside what they believe … and we come together to give glory and honour unto God and to really minister to the body of Christ here in Antigua & Barbuda.”

The sessions are free and start at 7 pm.

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