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Choksi back in Antigua for medical treatment after being bailed in Dominica

Diamond trader Mehul Choksi who is wanted in his native India on a string of charges relating to a major bank fraud landed back in Antigua yesterday afternoon.

The 62-year-old arrived into VC Bird International Airport at around 4.30pm on Wednesday via a private SVG Air charter from Dominica.

Choksi claims he was abducted and taken to the neighbouring isle by force in May, but he had been facing charges for illegal entry.

On Monday, Dominica’s High Court granted Choksi bail to allow him to return to Antigua for medical treatment. It has adjourned the criminal proceedings against him in the meantime.

One of Choksi’s lawyers, Justin Simon QC, told Observer his client had been accompanied on the flight by another of his attorneys who had jetted out yesterday morning to meet him and take “certain medical supplies”.

Choksi is said to be suffering from coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure, among other ailments.

“I don’t think there are any arrangements in terms of him going to the hospital because he is not in a terrible condition, so no doubt he will be going home and making arrangements for necessary hospital visits,” Simon explained.

 The QC also gave details about the conditions placed on Choksi while legal matters continue.

“The matter has been adjourned without a date and he is to report to Dominica in terms of his condition,” he said.

“He is not to remove himself from his home; if he is doing so he has to give them notice.”

He confirmed that $10,000 bail had been paid for Choksi’s release.

“We will wait and see how things develop and then make a determination on how we proceed thereafter,” Simon added.

India has been trying to get Choksi extradited from Antigua – where he gained citizenship via the Citizenship by Investment Programme in 2017 – for more than three years.

Authorities in the Asian subcontinent have filed charges against him connected to a US$2 billion fraud against the Punjab National Bank.


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