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Choksi back home in Antigua after being granted bail in Dominica

Diamond trader Mehul Choksi who is wanted in his homeland of India on a string of charges relating to a major bank fraud, arrived in Antigua on Wednesday evening.

The 62-year-old arrived at the VC Bird International Airport two days after being granted $10,000 bail in Dominica on a charge of illegal entry.

The man was transported to Antigua via charter plane after authorities in the neighbouring island said they did not have the medical facilities to treat Choksi’s neurological condition.

One of his lawyers Justin Simon told Observer that Choksi will remain at home as his situation is not so dire that he is currently in need of hospitalisation.

Choksi claims he was abducted and taken to the neighboring isle by force in May but had been facing charges for illegal entry.

Meanwhile, the criminal proceedings against him as been adjourned without a set date for a further hearing.


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