China offers scholarships to Antiguans and Barbudans as students commence studies after two-year break in programme

The students are said to be settling in well (Photos courtesy Office of the Prime Minister)
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Nine Antigua and Barbuda students have entered their second month of face-to-face learning in China following a two-year break when students were unable to travel to the Asian nation due to the pandemic.

Zuriel Lackna, a first-year architecture student at Beijing Jiaotong University, said that the students have settled in well with a number of them pursuing their first-year language studies.

He noted that a few of the students—including himself—completed their language year online in Antigua and have now entered the first year of their major studies.

“Despite the bone-chilling cold and adjusting to the Chinese cuisine, we are doing very well and are enjoying our studies, making new friends and exploring the rich historical cities of China,” he said.

Students Daniel Perez, Zuriel Lackna, McKenzie James, Gerrick Schouten, Danny Perez, Michael Murray, Ahliya Samuel, Joel Holder and Alexia Turner are pursuing a variety of degrees to include architecture, medicine, urban and rural planning, hotel management, and engineering and will spend a maximum of six years in China pursuing their programmes.

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Committee, which handles the programme, outlined that the deadline for applications for studies in China is fast approaching and is advising prospective students that 20 scholarships are available for the 2023/2024 academic year.

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