Child remains critical after bus accident

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A six-year-old child remained in critical condition on a ventilator up to last night after an accident involving a bus in Whenner Road.

The boy, from Cashew Hill, was attempting to cross the busy street shortly before 8.30am on Tuesday when the collision occurred, according to police.

Spokesman Inspector Frankie Thomas said the child sustained head injuries.

Details of the incident remain unclear. Inspector Thomas confirmed police were investigating and speaking to the driver of the bus to ascertain what had happened.

Bus Association President Keithroy Black said he wished the boy a “speedy recovery” and appealed to bus drivers to be vigilant while on the road.

“I encourage our bus drivers to continue to be mindful of their surroundings, do the necessary things, and obey the law of the land as it relates to the traffic and operating a public service vehicle,” he told Observer.

“I don’t have first-hand information but I am quite sure – as with all accidents – it’s not easy to deal with, especially where a child is concerned and not knowing what will be the end result. I am quite sure the driver is shaken up, and also the family of the child.”

Yesterday, the Traffic Department also issued an urgent appeal to motorists to pay attention on the highways and be courteous to those on foot.

“It’s very important that you look out for pedestrians, because if you come into contact with one, the pedestrian will be hospitalised, not the vehicle,” a spokesman warned.

“And to pedestrians too, remember you do not just walk across the road blindly; you have to look left, look right, pause, and ensure that there is no oncoming traffic. And when you cross the road, you do so as safely and quickly as possible,” he added.

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