Child has growing pains, not incurable disease


Ten-year-old Alliana Spencer got good news over the weekend that she does not have the incurable disease avascular necrosis. She was diagnosed with the bone disease in Antigua late last year and urgent surgery was recommended.

On Saturday, a US bone specialist at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Centre said she was instead suffering from “apophysitis of the iliac crest.”

The child’s mother, Oneisha Elvin, said she’s relieved that her daughter is recovering.

“We saw the bone specialist and he did a full exam on Alliana and he did another x-ray and it shows her muscles and bones are healed and there’s no problem. He said that from what he saw from the x-ray from Antigua, he wouldn’t say it is avascular necrosis. He called it apophysitis of the iliac crest,” Elvin said.

The mother said the doctor indicated that it is “normal in growing children and athletic children” and it would have eventually healed on its own.

Elvin said she now has to take her to an eye specialist as well as a brain specialist because of the headaches she has been experiencing.

The child first began complaining of pain on a particular spot on her head in October 2014. Then, she started complaining of pain in the hip and constant headaches. At times she also had difficulty breathing. She was rushed to hospital several times and the eventual diagnosis was avascular necrosis.

Avascular necrosis is the death of bone tissue due to a lack of blood supply. Also called osteonecrosis, avascular necrosis can lead to tiny breaks in the bone and the bone’s eventual collapse.

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