Chief Judge: Women’s bodybuilding is dead

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The Chief Judge for the Central American & Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Champion-ships, Antiguan Errol Williams, stopped short of suggesting that the national federation should discontinue women’s bodybuilding but confidently signalled that the once popular aspect of the sport is no longer relevant.
Williams, while speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, said the softer aspect of the artform has rendered the more hardcore practice extinct.
“Women’s bodybuilding is dead worldwide. They have taken women’s bodybuilding out of the World Championships and they have even taken it out of the Olympia and replaced it with women’s physique. The women’s physique is based on height while women’s bodybuilding was based on weight; and the reason why it was taken out was because they couldn’t get sponsors to sponsor women’s bodybuilding because the sponsors didn’t like the direction that it was going,” he said. 
There was no women’s bodybuilding segment during last Saturday night’s National Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Competition at the Multipurpose Cultural Center at Perry Bay.
However, Williams, who was the head judge at Saturday’s event, is adamant that the men’s aspect of bodybuilding will not suffer the same fate, despite signs of a decline on the national front.
“Even though you are getting less participation locally, regionally and internationally, it is growing like crazy. It’s a lifestyle thing and you are not going to see it die for men. They are adding all types of classes because there is classic in now and there is also a muscular men’s physique for the guys in men’s physique who are big,” the chief judge said.
Heavyweight competitor Kenny Jacobs retained both his class and overall titles during Saturday’s championships.

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