Chief Health Inspector hits back at PM’s jibe

Gaston Browne, PM of Antigua and Barbuda
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By Theresa Goodwin
[email protected]

“Mis-Information Acquired (MIA)” is how Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin, is interpreting a recent social media post by Prime Minister Gaston Browne.
Browne’s post, made recently on Facebook, stated that,

“I notice the Chief Health Inspector remains MIA during the Covid-19 crisis”.

Chief Health Inspector, Sharon Martin (file photo)

The nation’s leader went further as he added, “Chief, the public needs to hear from you with the necessary assurances”.

However, Martin told Observer yesterday that while she has not seen the post, which was made on April 15, it was brought to her attention by two of her family members.

The public health official explained that she is in no way missing in action as her workday begins way before 6am each day and, on most occasions, it ends at 6pm.

“I continue to work because I just love what I do. I love my work and I am on the job seven days a week,” she said.

Martin added her days are spent working for the Central Board of Health (CBH) for which she has responsibility.

The Chief Health Inspector also commented on her absence at the numerous press briefings to update the nation about the Covid-19 pandemic, which have featured Health Minister Molwyn Joseph, Chief Medical Officer Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, Medical Director at Mount St John’s Medical Centre Dr Albert Duncan, and other senior healthcare officials.

Many have suggested that Martin should be involved in the process, however, she remarked, “I was never invited to any of the press conferences so I could not be present.”

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