CHAPA stage brief protest action

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Workers at the Central Planning and Housing Authority (CHAPA) walked off the job yesterday in solidarity with their Housing Executive Officer, Kathleen Gotha who was reportedly issued a disciplinary letter.
OBSERVER media tried without success to confirm the contents of the letter or the reason behind Gotha’s forcible removal from the compound, escorted by police.
Our newsroom reached out to Gotha after word broke that she was ordered to turn over the keys to CHAPA. She stated that she was in a meeting and would not have made any comment on the matter.
Not long after the start of the 8 a.m. workday, the employees of the government housing authority were seen outside their lower All Saints Road office demanding something be done and their manager reinstated.
However, the workers returned to their desks shortly after they were promised that someone in senior management would address their concerns. It is still unclear whether the promise was kept.
OBSERVER media was told that the Antigua Trades and Labour Union represents the workers and up to press time yesterday several calls placed to senior members of the union went unanswered and messages were not returned.

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