Changes To Come to The Festivals Commission

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Significant changes will be made to the Festivals commission when this year’s Carnival ends.
That’s what the Minister of National Festivals and Culture, E.P Chet Greene has told OBSERVER media.
He says the search for a Chairman of the Festivals Commission will begin on August 9th, the day after carnival, because Maurice Merchant is stepping down.
Greene says Merchant had wanted to leave the post last year but did not after being asked to stay on.
The National Festivals and Culture Minister also says the process of choosing a chairman will be different.

Greene says this is in keeping with his clear expectations for the continued growth and improvement of the national festival.

While Greene was willing to share that information, he has however declined to disclose any other changes to the Festivals Commission until after Carnival ends on August 8th.
Greene tells Observer Media that increasingly he has found himself micromanaging the Festivals Commission because of complaints from Carnival stakeholders including the Pan Association.

The National Festivals Minister has given the Commission a passing grade.

That is the Minister of National Festivals and Carnival, E. P Chet Greene.

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