Centre of Excellence, newest addition to the AGHS

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Antigua Girls’ High School (AGHS) students officially welcomed and celebrated the completion of the school’s Centre of Excellence during a ceremony yesterday.
The addition includes three new buildings, costing approximately $3.9 million and financed through the Board of Education, according to the education minister, Michael Browne, speaking to OBSERVER media.
“After we listened to all the principals and had consultations, I remember the list of requests from the Antigua Girls’ High School was about two pages long but at the top of the list, most urgent, was the need for nine additional classroom spaces,” said the education minister, addressing the students.
“The challenge was where to put the classroom blocks,” he added.
Three cranes were brought in to move the music room that occupied the space at the time and turned it around from one side to the other, the minister noted, adding that “it took us seven hours to get that entire process done. When we were finished, construction was ready to begin.
“Construction of the buildings started last year June,” said the education director, Clare Browne.
The ceremony included the school’s choir singing He Did It Again by Sinach and lively pan playing. The students were also urged by the education director to work hard and play their part.
Presently the centre includes classrooms, music rooms and visual art rooms, said the school’s principal, Theoline Croft.
The minister said the completion of the project was made possible by a team including the Board of Education, Ministry of Education, contractors, architects, designers, the principal and staff.
At the ceremony, Minister Browne also announced additional future plans, and added that “the school’s present auditorium will be transformed into a three-storey auditorium and classroom block,” arousing cheers and applause from the AGHS audience.
He added that the science block will be renovated as well into a state-of-the-art science facility.

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